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At Burgess and Sweeney Law, we assist clients by getting their final affairs in order. This starts by ensuring our clients have Powers of Attorney in place, including both Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney. These documents are used while our clients are alive, but ensure during difficult times, when they are unable to make their own decisions or need assistance from loved ones, someone can step in to help without the need for Court involvement.

Once we have those documents in place, we help clients write up their final wishes. This can be done with a Trust or a Will. It is important to us that we discuss with each client the pros and cons of each and help them make an informed decision about how to best serve their wishes.

We know caring for our loved ones can be difficult. If a client has a loved one with special needs that they desire to include in their estate plan, we know how to properly prepare their estate plan to accommodate these needs. We also work with special needs clients to ensure their assets are protected.

Life happens, we know that at Burgess and Sweeney Law. So, if your family was not prepared for the unthinkable and you have loved one that needs guidance and/or assistance making medical or financial decisions, we can help. We will walk you through obtaining guardianship and conservatorship over your loved one, if that becomes necessary.

And Death happens. We help clients navigate through the loss of a loved one. Helping to provide support to Personal Representatives or Trustees, to properly administer estates. We also work with other family members to ensure their rights are protected through this difficult time.

We know our clients work hard, so we are here to help at the end of life to ensure our clients are protected and knowledgeable if long term care needs are required. We work with clients in assisted living facilities, nursing home facilities, those receiving in home care, and clients facing the possible need for additional care. We walk you through the Medicaid process-from saving to applying.

Transaction attorneys by nature, here at Burgess and Sweeney law, we work with business clients to establish their new business, whether a new start up or an acquisition, and understand that years of hard work should be rewarded with an easy transition out. Whether our client is selling, transferring, dissolving, or beginning to succession plan, we are here to help.

Plus we work specifically with liquor licensing to make our business clients jobs less of a job for them.

We are often faced, through our other specialties, with real estate work. Good news, at Burgess and Sweeney Law, we know real estate. We work with clients to prepare deeds, of all natures. We can also assist clients with buying and selling property. We specifically work with our agricultural clients to ensure their largest assets are protected, in many ways.